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If you're looking to take your BMW G87 M2 to the next level, and judging by the OEM looks, this may just be a very good idea, then you’re in luck because TRE has just come to the rescue with the release of its bespoke carbon fibre bodykit for the boxy Beemer. It's quickly become the best-looking incarnation of the new BMW M2, well in our humble opinion. This new upgrade package that works well to make the car a far bit easier on the eyes is comprehensive, featuring a carbon fibre front splitter, front bonnet, side fender trim, side skirts, rear wing, and rear bumper spats – all crafted from premium twill pre-preg carbon fibre. This means there’s not only an improvement in looks but it also helps reduce the kerb weight of the car, which is what fast cars are all about. Well, that and the fast part. TRE's team of automotive designers, including professionals with actual experience working at BMW, meticulously engineered this bodykit using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) utilising 3D-captured data from the actual G87 M2. This means they can assure buyers of unparalleled, perfect fitment along with “a cohesive design that flawlessly integrates with the vehicle's distinct lines and aesthetics.”. Agreed.

The carbon fibre front splitter not only looks great, but it helps to improve aerodynamics by optimising airflow, reducing drag, and increasing downforce. It even directs additional air into the front brake ducts for cooling assistance. The side winglets feature integrated canards that also help with generating downforce and improving turn-in during high-speed cornering. The carbon fibre side fender trim and side skirts complement the vehicle's aerodynamic package and give the car a more streamlined aesthetic, and these too help increase downforce, seamlessly integrated with the front splitter. The rear wing is also crafted from lightweight carbon fibre and is perched atop lightweight titanium uprights and there are three adjustable settings for Road, Sport, and Track. The Sport setting provides a balanced compromise between visual appeal and performance, while the Track setting maximises downforce for optimal racetrack performance. The rear bumper spats are also in carbon fibre and they help square off the aerodynamic package. Dealers interested in offering TRE's carbon fibre bodykit to their customers can contact their sales team at sales@autoid.co. There’s no pricing as yet, but you just know that for an M-badged car and all carbon fibre parts, it's not going to be cheap. Luckily you get what you pay for and it looks like you won’t go wrong with one of these kits.

Take a look at the YouTube video that sadly doesn't show the kit fitted to a G87 BMW M2, but it does show a lot about the car and also does a good job of telling the world that the styling of this latest M-car is typically BMW, which means controversial styling that's so different from the norm that it doesn't do well in the visual stakes: Is the New BMW M2 Fast Enough to Outrun Its Own Ugly Face? | TheSmokingTire 

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