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In May last year, months before his untimely death, legendary race driver and personality Ken Block was set to tackle the world-famous Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in his purpose-built Porsche 911 which was given the name #Hoonipigasus. The pink Porsche was built by Hoonigan Industries at the Hoonigan Racing Division, in partnership with BBi Autosport. The racecar’s name was a tribute to the Pink Pig, a rather famous 917 Porsche that competed way back in 1971, as well as being a nod to the partnership with Mobil 1 fuels and lubricants and their Pegasus logo. The car’s livery was designed by Guccighost (real name Trouble Andrew). At the time he said “When Ken and the team at Hoonigan called, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to team up to create something unique and memorable. Reimagining iconic imagery and taking it in new, creative directions drives me, and in many ways, my design parallels what Hoonigan and BBi have done with the car. This collaboration allows me to combine two things I love, art and competition, and for me, there’s no better partner for that journey than Ken Block.” When the 2022 instalment of Pikes Peak arrived, the car was ready to go and many placed bets on the duo’s performance. Unluckily for Ken, the Porsche suffered damage on one of the practice runs, it dropped a valve and lunched the engine. The crew from BBi Autosport and Hoonigan Racing Division teams few parts in from California in an attempt to get the car sorted in time, but the job was too big for the available spanner time and the clock ran out and that meant the car never made it to qualifying. The motorsport world missed out on something epic, and with Ken no longer with us, it seemed that we’d never see Hoonipigasus in action.

Well… Porsche, Ken Block and Pikes Peak fans will be pleased to find out that Hoonipigasus will tackle the hill in June at this year’s running of the hillclimb at the hands of Lia Block, Ken’s daughter. Lia has been seen on social media driving all sorts of amazing, fast cars and it’s 100 % clear that she has Ken’s racing DNA because she’s properly fast. Lia recently took to Instagram to announce that she would be entering the 1 400 hp Porsche in a non-timed tribute exhibition run.  

Lia posted: “Big announcement! This June I’ll be making a tribute run at the 2023 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in the #Hoonipigasus. I am stoked to be going up the mountain in this crazy build (even though it’s not a timed run), and getting my feet wet on the legendary mountain! Perhaps just warming up for a future run…? 😏Anyone who wants to see the refreshed Hoonipigasus should go to Luft, Air | Water this Weekend in Vallejo, CA! It will be headlining the Sunday show. And of course a big big thanks to @mobil1 for making this all possible.”. The SXdrv crew knows what it;’s doing this June - watching the 2023 PPIHC!

Take a look at the YouTube video from the Hoonigan crew that shows off everything about the amazing colab built between Hoonigan Racing Division and BBi Autosport - the ins and outs of the design, the setup, the engine specs and everything else you could want to know about the 1 400 hp Porsche: Ken Block’s 1400hp Hoonipigasus - Everything you need to know! | Hoonigan

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