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Lotus Cars have been on a roll of late with a host of all-new models that not only look the part, but they all make use of the latest electric car technologies and the resulting overall package is amazing. On the SUV front, the new Lotus Eletre is one of those cars that has it all - the looks, the onboard technology and the power. The SUV has been released with three trim options with a choice of two powertrains: Eletre, Eletre S and Eletre R, and the latter is the top dog that we’re most interested in. When news of the Eletre broke news, the listed specs looked very interesting because the claimed power outputs were some of the highest we’ve seen for an all-electric car. In fact, the specs and details were so good that customers around the world have not only expressed proper interest in buying one, but thousands have put down physical deposits to make sure they secure a car before they’re in even more demand. And they definitely will be after seeing Mat Watson do an in-depth review along with the usual Carwow real-world testing. In the UK, the Eletre is priced from £89,500 (just over R2 000 000) which is fair for this kind of tech and spec, and if you want the range-topping Eletre R the price rises to £120 000 (R2 800 000), which is high but when you consider that it offers up so much performance that it can be classes as a Hyper SUV.

While all the models on offer seem to be rather good, here at SXdrv we’re into the fast stuff, and so the Lotus Eletre R is the one we’d rob a bank for. We’ll skip the extensive list of features and cool tech and dive right into the meaty stuff - the performance. As it stands right now, the Eletre R is claimed to be the world’s fastest dual-motor all-electric SUV. The Eletre and the Eletre S feature a 450 kW single-speed powerplant with 710 Nm of torque, which is already good, but the Eletre R has a dual motor setup and a total power output of a whopping 675 kW (905 hp in weird American speak) and a monstrous 985 Nm of torque. Lotus Cars claim this power can get the Eletre R from a standstill to 10 km/h in just 2.95 seconds and has a top speed of 265 km/h. This is also available with a decent 490 km range (600 km in the single motor setup) and the 112 kWh battery for both versions has a charging time (10%-80%) of just 20 minutes using a rapid charger. The Eletre R features an exclusive Track Mode that lowers the ride height and tweaks the other systems for optimal performance in the dampers and anti-roll control system, delivers a higher level of dynamic performance at the longitudinal and lateral limits, a fully open active grille and launch control with instant access to the car’s full power. It looks like Lotus has upset the proverbial apple cart with the Eletre range and looks set to put the automaker back into the limelight.

Take a look at the YouTube video from our man Mat Watson at Carwow as he takes a proper close look at the amazing new Lotus Eletre, the all-electric offering that looks like it may just be the fastest of it's kind to date, which is why you may want to fast forward the review part of the video to the testing part, although watching the full thing is way better, of course: New 900hp Lotus Eletre review with 0-60mph & 1/4-mile TEST! | carwow

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