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We brought you news about this car, the Kimera 037, a while back and we’re happy that there’s another version to drool over now in the form of this Martini-liveried car. The Kimera 037 is an all-new car that was created as a tribute to the iconic Lancia of days gone by, immediately evident in the styling and boxy lines, but with a modern interpretation. Sort of like what Singer does with old Porsches, except this car doesn’t need to use an existing old model as a base. This is a good thing because there aren’t as many classic Lancias around and it would make this bespoke car much rarer, and while exclusivity is a good thing, this car needs to be scattered around the world as much as possible, these simply cannot be enough of these things in existence. Sadly, as the name suggests just 37 of these cars were destined to be seen in the wild, many already in their owner’s hands. The Kimera 037 weighs around a ton, and that means a great power-to-weight ratio. Powering this masterpiece is a twin-charged 4-cylinder engine that sees boost pressures from both a Roots-type supercharger as well as a conventional turbocharger resulting in just over 370 kW with 550 Nm of torque. This is exploited with the use of a 6-speed manual transmission and power is sent to the rear wheels only. The resulting performance is claimed to be pretty impressive, the Kimera 037 can hit 0-100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds and has a top speed over the 300 km/h mark. “Remember who we were. ” Thus recited King Leonidas, leading the brave 300, who in Greece, at Thermopylae, following the law of Sparta, redeemed the world from mysticism and tyranny and accompanied it into a more radiant future than one could imagine. It was the simplest order a king can give to remember the feat of that group of extraordinary men who wrote modern history and changed the fate of the Western World. Kimera Automobili also wants people to remember the Lancia World Rally Championship roots.

The Lancia Martini Racing Team started in 1983 and the Indestructible Blue, Light Blue and Red stripes along with the green-white-red colour Italy looked great and became synonymous with Lancia racecars. It was so good that the same style of livery is seen on other marque cars too, it suits many things. Kimera Automobili has taken up the legacy of all the famous races, drivers and cars and wrapped it all up in the EVO37 Martini 7, a special limited edition that pays tribute to the 7 World Rally titles won by the Martini Racing Team. This version features a carbon aerodynamic package with splitters, side skirts and "nolder" extractors on the front grilles of the front mudguard, while on the sides there are also NACA ducts, which are also found on the sides of the bonnet. The rear bumper has a quick-release system so that the lower part of the rear of the EVO37 can be removed exactly like the 037 Group B Evo 2. From here. The wheels were redesigned with a reference to those of the "Delta Evoluzione" era. Inside there’s the use of the typical yellow/black carbon kevlar material like on the Delta group A. Perforated blue Alcantara with red stitching covers all the coverable things. The weight has decreased, gearbox ratios were shortened and a retina takes the power up to 410 kW. The Kimera EVO37 Martini 7 combines the style, flavour and charm of one of the most legendary racing "queens" of the 80s. The ‘normal’ EVO37 costs around half a million dollars, so expect this one to have a decent chunk of change added on top of that.

Take a look at the YouTube video that does a great job of showing exactly why the Lancia Group B 037 car has such a cult-like following and you'll get an idea as to why Kimera Automobil chose to create a modern incarnation of the iconic car using the latest technologies and processes resulting in an absolutely stunning retro-styled car that leaves absolutely nothing wanting besides the iconic Maryini livery - which it now has: Introducing the new Kimera EVO37 "Martini 7" | Car Launch | Kimera Automobili

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