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The AC Cars story starts way back in 1901, and so there’s a rich history of car-making. The company produced a good few models like the 1957 AC Ace, but it was in 1961 that the company began garnering attention from the world’s motoring press and the buying public. If you’re a movie buff you’ll know some of this story from the 2019 movie, Ford v Ferrari At the time Ford was wanting to beat Corvette in competition and the result was the company’s newly-developed lightweight 4.2-litre V8 engine, and a good chassis was needed. The AC Ace and its racing success caught the eye of Carroll Shelby, and after some negotiations AC Cars was appointed with the design and manufacture of a car/chassis that would complement the new engine. Together with Shelby, AC Cars managed to fit the new V8 engine into a modified Ace, and that was officially the first AC Cobra to be produced. By 1963 the car was in mass production and around 2 000 cars were built, half of them were sent to the USA-based Shelby for engine fitment and the balance went to the U.K to cover that market. The specially-built car has been made by AC Cars ever since, but the company shows it's high time for a modern interpretation of the iconic car.

There’s few details on the reworked Cobra, but the company has confirmed that it features an extruded aluminium space frame chassis, developed with Italian-based design partners Icona Design Group and Cecomp Spa. The car will of course still be powered by a Ford V8 lump, and with power rated at 420 kW and 780 Nm of torque it’s clearly a Coyote. This will be mated to a 6-speed manual transmission to keep it as a driver’s car or a 10-speed automatic to make it a consummate cruiser. The car will weigh less than 1 500 kg, and the combination should see the car hitting 100 km/h in the region of 3.5-seconds. Other features include air conditioning, electric windows, sophisticated in-car entertainment and the option of a removable hardtop.

Seeing as there isn't a physical car that's been filmed yet, rather take a look at this YouTube video that will get you up do date with the AC Cars brand along with the history of the classic-styled AC Cobra that the company is famous for producing: AC Cobra | The iconic British roadster | AC Cars Official

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