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When Honda Performance Development sorta donated the 2017 Honda Ridgeline to the Hoonigan Racing crew for a “anything you like” project, we knew things would be next level. The project was done with quite a fast turnaround, spurred on by the SEMA 2022 deadline for show cars to enter. The version of the project dubbed IndyTruck was complete but it wasn’t in full running spec. It looked the same as what you see here: a custom cabin with a full race-spec setup, a full engine delete from up front and the load bin was chucked in favour of rather using the space to house the engine. In this case that was one serious engine. IndyTruck is now powered by a mid/rear-mounted all-aluminium, twin-turbocharged 2.2-litre V6 capable of between 700 hp and 900 hp depending on the tune. Keeping things all Honda, the engine is the same unit seen in Honda’s IndyCar race cars. So yeah, the overall package is something rather special. Fans of the channel have been patiently waiting to see this mad thing in action.

The Hoonigan crew have been doing a few tweaks and final changes to IndyTruck, and things were deemed ready to test. The crew is clearly on the Honda USA Christmas card list, I mean they were given the car to mess around with, and allowed access to a genuine IndyCar power unit so it makes sense that they would be involved in the testing of the truck. Enter a full day’s shenanigans at the Honda Proving Centre out near Cantil, California. After setup and prep, the truck was taken out for its first laps at the hands of the in-house Honda development driver. Once everything was dialled in, Hoonigan’s Alex Grimm has a stint doing the same track testing. While the car, the crew and the filming is all typical Hoonigan, there were some stricter rules in place so burnouts and drifting wasn’t an option. Breaking rules can be wicked fun, but in this case it would be like biting a fat chunk out of the hand that feeds you.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing the latest Hoonigan project car finally getting some miles put on it. Seeing as the Honda Ridgeline truck was given to the crew to mess around with, the perfect place to test the project car and get some shakedown runs in was obviously at the Honda Proving Centre: The Honda IndyTruck Hits the Track! Testing at THE Honda Proving Center | Hoonigan

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