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Take a look at what might be one of the most satisfying videos ever - the ultimate restoration of a Honda NSX-R.

A full car restoration never fails to grab our attention, whether its a rusted old classic car or even a modern car, we can always appreciate the efforts that go into such an incredible transformation.

But restoring a car that had such a limited production run like this Honda NSX-R is even more special. The Honda NSX-R was limited to just 150 units, and are now already over two decades old.

In the video below, you'll see probably one of the finest details and restorations ever attempted to a Honda NSX-R. To get it into showroom condition is no easy task, and includes everything from ripping out the interior and cleaning underneath the carpets right through to a thorough chassis clean and replacing trims with nothing less than original OEM parts.

All this hard work came together to get this legendary JDM supercar back to showroom quality!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Contempo Concept, on the ultimate Honda NSX-R Restoration.

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