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When we first saw the McMurtry Spéirling it was just before the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the McMurtry Automotive crew announced they would attempt the race record, and a few days later said record was shattered rather convincingly. It was the first fan car to be seen in competition for decades, and while many of the car’s specs were rattled off, everyone wanted to know more about the car. All we really found out was that the car was limited to 150 mph, was powered by a pair of electric motors, has 1 000 hp, it generates 2 000 kg of downforce from a standstill and can hit 100 km/h in just 1.4-seconds. That and the fact that it’s full carbon fibre, seats one and is likely one of the coolest looking cars we’ve seen in years. The car seen in competition at FoS was the development car made for track, but the street-legal version will be in production soon and it looks identical to what you see here, but we’re guessing power will be limited because after watching this video we now know how ridiculously fast it is and in amateur hands it will get ugly. Luckily we also expect it to be rather pricey so that should limit who has access to one.

As said, we still had many questions about the McMurtry Spéirling because there weren’t many close up pics or videos about the car, until now. Carwow’s Mat Watson is one of our favourite YouTube journos and he gets to drive just about every new car that gets released. His reviews are in-depth and he gives the pros and cons and looks in every space possible, just like we would. The driving part of this review is brilliant, the car was left in the same spec as it was at FoS, which means it was limited to 150 mph, but the reaction on Mat’s face when he experiences just how fast the car can get there in both the limited 650 hp mode and then the full 1 000 hp mode is just priceless. Of course running a quarter mile in 7.97-seconds and setting a World Record at the same time is an absolutely awesome bonus. Take a look at the car in action, and let us know what you think. It seriously looks like the video has been sped up, the Spéirling is that fast!

Take a look at the YouTube video that we think is the best one Mat Watson has ever presented. Not only does he explain everything we ever wanted to know about the car, but he pilots it to a new World Record that's going to be hard to beat: I broke the 1/4-mile world record in this new HYPERCAR! | carwow

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