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In a weird trend, automakers that already have an off-road capable car in their product lineup have been tweaking sports cars they produce to also be able to deal with rough terrain. It makes no sense and we think it’s because they have massive R&D budgets that have to be spent or the available budget for the following year is cut. It’s the only logical thing, because why did Porsche create the new 911 Dakar when they already have the Cayenne and Macan that’s much closer to doing this duty than the base 911? The same goes for Lamborghini and the admittedly impressive Huracán Sterrato that’s based on a regular Huracán platform, the company already has the Urus that’s more suited to this kind of off-the-tarmac driving. It just doesn’t make sense. What does make sense is the smaller bespoke companies around the world that specialise in transforming normal cars into off road monsters. In Germany we find a well-known company doing this - Delta4x4. This Greek-owned company has been doing this for over 40 years now under the leadership of Josef Loder, who first modified the diminutive Suzuki SJ with a few mates and made it more suited to the job at hand.

Delta4x4 has extensive experience in converting regular streetcars into things capable of making dirt roads feel smooth, and the work they’ve carried out to cars that are already capable is pretty damn impressive, their portfolio features the likes of Suzuki, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, Ford, Land Rover, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Jeep and plenty more. The latest creation released by the company comes from the world of electric cars, the Greek-German firm turned their attention to Tesla’s Model Y and gave it enough of a cool change so that the streetcar can more easily traverse gravel roads and trails. The Model Y was fitted with a 52+mm SDK lift kit for increased ground clearance, and also to accommodate the tasty new 18-inch Klassik-B wheels wrapped in Continental rubber more suited to the task. Also to make these fit, the bodywork was changed and some 60mm wider fender flares now cover the new massive wheels. They also added in all the usual bits like roof racks, securing systems, an array of aftermarket lighting.

Delta4x4 is yet to release a video that showcases the transformation they carried out on the Tesla Model Y, but as soon as we find one we'll happily share it with you, until that happens you can see the kind of work the German firm is capable of with their latest exploits on a Mercedes-AMG G Wagon - which is probably more impressive than the Model Y anyway: Mercedes G-Klasse auf Mattracks - getestet in der Schweiz | Delta4x4

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