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We’ve showcased all manner of Bugatti Chiron over the years, and in this SXdrv writer’s opinion it’s the best one that’s ever been created. That black on black look is absolutely stunning. What you see is another amazing incarnation of the Chiron called the Pur Spor Ct, the black beauty is fitted with Bugatti’s iconic powerplant that’s rated at 1 500 hp with a monster 1 600 Nm from the quad-turbocharged 8.0-litre W16 and as you’ll see when you click play, the very special tyres that cost over R600 000 a set are no match for the power output. Why was the letter ‘C’ chosen for this high-performance manoeuvre? Well it’s been a central design form with BUGATTI since the 1920s. The signature Bugatti C-line was created by Jean Bugatti to “seamlessly elongate the car’s silhouette while simultaneously imbuing it with a flow that gives the impression of movement”. Over the years, the side-line C has been modernized and functionalized,  most recently being used for a purpose to help increase ventilation flow over that monster engine in the W16 models.

The filming of this piece is amazing, you can tell by the quality of the screenshots used for this little article. We only have one complaint about seeing the Bugatti development driver thrashing the R60 000 000+ Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport C around that nice and flat open area, and that’s the length of the video, i;’s just too damn short, We could watch this in a full-length feature film and we’d still hit the replay button a few times after that.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing well over 1 000 horses slaying ridiculously expensive tyres on the hottest looking Bugatti in ever produced (yes, personal opinion but come on, just look at it!): BUGATTI CHIRON Pur Sport: ‘C’ the Drift | Bugatti

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