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Ever wondered how they actually filmed the promotional video for the new Bugatti Chiron travelling at over 400km/h? Well, here is how.

Filming a travelling car at nearly its top speed, even if it's a Toyota Prius, is quite tricky! Now filming one of the fastest production cars in history is a whole nother story, and no, it's not sped-up in post-production, they actually filmed it!

You have probably seen all the meme's going around saying it was a modified Toyota Supra or 1000bhp Nissan Skyline GTR of sorts, but you'd be wrong. Automotive filmmaker and YouTuber, Al Clark, explained how they got the job done. Bugatti wanted to film a promotional video for their, at the time, new Bugatti Chiron doing a run from 0-400km/h and back to a dead stop. The tricky part is that a camera car that is faster or as fast as a Bugatti Chiron simply doesn't exist and they didn't want to speed up the footage in post-production because it will look unrealistic.

If you haven't seen the original promotional video for the Bugatti Chiron, check it out here below.


So, what they did was just get another Bugatti Chiron, strapped a DJI X5 camera (the upgraded camera for the DJI Inspire drone) and gimbal to the back of it, and simply launched the car at the same time. A few attempts had to be taken in order to get both cars to launch at precisely the same time, but when they got the shot, it was so perfect and smooth that they even had to add some digital camera shake to sell the illusion of just how fast both cars were actually going. In the end, the results were incredible!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below on how they filmed the Bugatti Chiron going from a standstill all the way up to 400km/h and back to zero.


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