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Transformers have been intertwined with car culture since it launched back in September of 1984 and since then every comic, cartoon and movie has featured all manner of transportation that can transform into robots to stay disguised on Earth. Not only have many of these been made into posters for automotive fanatics that have adorned bedroom and workshop walls for nearly 40 years. The best part (for some of us) has been the range of toys associated with the movie that can actually transform from the base car to the disguised robot. With so many different Transformer characters it means there are models to cater for fans of just about anything. In the latest blockbuster movie things are centred around Transformers that stay disguised as animals, but there’s also a new fleet of cars to set our imaginations on fire. The characters can be seen portrayed using different year model cars and trucks over the seven different movies, and in Rise of the Beasts we see main robot in charge, Optimus Prime, represented by a 1987 Freightliner FLA semi-truck and the lovable Bumblebee is seen as a 70s Camaro in the signature yellow and black theme. 

This here SXdrv writer is a massive Transformers fan, and when the trailer was released for Rise of the Beasts I made sure I was one of the first to watch it thanks to having my YouTube notifications set up properly. When trailers for these movies drop I usually watch them once just to make sure my excitement stays high. In this case I’ve watched it at least ten times because this 7th Transformers movie features Mirage as a main character, and this Transformer comes in the form of 964-series 911. So we have one of the coolest movies for 2023 starring one of the coolest cars ever. The 946 is an iconic Porsche, released in 1991 and was powered by an air-cooled, turbocharged 3.3-litre boxer with 184 kW and 310 Nm on tap. It was a beast back in it’s day, and gained even more notoriety when Will Smith drove one in the 1995 smash hit Bad Boys. This has earned the car the nickname ‘Bad Boys Porsche’. Incidentally, the original movie car recently sold for $1,300,000, or nearly R23 000 000 to a collector right here in SA.

Take a look at the latest Transformers movie preview for the upcoming Rise of the Beasts movie set for release in the middle of 2023. More importantly check out the range of cars that are some of the coolest robots in disguise that we've seen - click through: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts | Official Teaser Trailer (2023 Movie) | Paramount Pictures

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