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Zenvo Automotive is a Danish hypercar manufacturer that’s shown off some amazing design and craftsmanship in recent years, and after last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed the car gained instant recognition thanks to the amazing dynamic rear wing that leans into high speed corners with the car’s direction to fully optimise airflow and downforce. That same rear wing setup is seen on this ultra-limited edition model that’s been called the TSR-TG. The car’s production run is limited to just three models available to the public, and we’re sure that they have already been snapped up by the world’s billionaire car collectors. The TSR-GT is a special low-drag version of the Zenvo TSR range and as a result it’s just that little bit better than the ‘regular’ Zenvo TSR. The aero has been tweaked resulting in a touring-style design that affords the hypercar more proportional aerodynamic stability than ever before. Of course with more stability the engineers were able to give the powertrain a bump in power and that means this Danish monster has a whopping 1 014 kW (1 360 hp) on tap. 

Zenvo’s design team has also created a new type of aero wheel disc cover, designed to reduce drag so it has the ability to top out at an amazing 424 km/h (263 mph). The original 5.8-litre twin-supercharged flat-plane V8 engine is in play but now features improved the volumetric efficiency via an upgraded inlet plenum and exhaust manifold and also sees fitment of a flex-fuel sensor allowing the car to not only run on E85 fuel, but any fuel available if the ethanol fuel isn’t in the immediate vicinity. The interior has seen the bare carbon fibre look replaced with Alcantara for leather on the dashboard, within the seats and steering wheel as well as noise-reducing leather edged velour floor mats on top of the carbon fibre floor panel. 

“A new era for Zenvo beckons, but before then, we’ve created our interpretation of a GT variant of the TS platform. We’ll make just three models, all of which are allocated to global collectors, much like Tim Burton’s (Shmee150) TSR-S, which he took delivery of this year (August 2022). The final edition of the TS Zenvo platform – the TSR-GT – warrants a drastic styling change, yet remains in keeping with the traditional Zenvo aesthetic. This is a fitting addition to the TS platform, which has spanned across four models. Originally established in 2016, the TS platform has created the race-only TSR, TS1 GT and famed TSR-S hypercars. The latest – and possibly final – model from this successful series is a limited-edition TSR-GT; a low-drag, high-speed version of the TSR-S.” says Zenvo’s Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of the Board, Jens Sverdrup.

Take a look at the YouTube video that sort of pieces together the details of the new, ultra-limited edition Danish hypercar, the Zenvo TRS-GT: New Zenvo TSR-GT 2023 | Revealed with 1,360 HP and 263 MPH Top Speed | Vision Effect

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