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Lists make us happy, especially when they have to do with this crazy automotive world that fuels our lives here at SXdrv. We know that most of you out there also like lists because facts and figures run this industry and knowing said facts can mean the difference between winning a round of drinks down the local pub, oh, and we have analytics that show that lists get checked out properly. The lists we find and share are usually very well researched but that’s where the internet comes into play, people LOVE to argue so if there is a bit of a fact issue, someone out there will happily point it out. This list from the YouTube channel PD Evolution is interesting, this time round the list-making crew set their sights on compiling information on the most powerful four-cylinder engines in current series production. These days the power that’s extracted from 4-pot engines is mind-blowing. Technology, efficiency and fuels make the internal combustion engines much stronger than in previous years, even smaller capacity setups yield massive power, and when tuned are plain silly. Like that Ekanoo Racing Yaris GR that pushed out 549 hp at all four wheels from a 1600cc 3-cylinder engine. Setups are also different these days because so many automakers now employ hybrid powertrains. 

While there are a few cars on this top 10 most powerful 4-cylinder car list, we have to be a bit biassed and pick the Volkswagen Mk8 R as our car choice in the lineup. It’s because we’re unashamed VAG car fanbois and this hatchback is the halo car in the Volkswagen model range. Also because some of us are rather grey these days and so it’s a car nameplate that we’ve basically seen the full evolution of, all eight generations. There’s 235 kW and 400 Nm (some other territories get 420 Nm) on tap from a turbocharged 2.0-litre powerplant and it offers up amazing performance. The thing is, while it’s amazing for what it is, future entry-level electric cars will have better performance, well off the line anyway. In this list we take issue with the Mercedes because it’s actually got massive power figures from two power sources, a 4-cylinder ICE engine and an electric motor - so it’s not really something we’d include in this list, what do y’all think?

Take a look at the YouTube video that's been compiled to show the current most powerful 4-cylinder cars currently in production. Will one of your favourites make the list? Do you agree with the list? Click on through to have a look: Top 10 Most Powerful 4-Cylinder Cars 2022 | PD Evolution

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