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It seems like different sections of companies don’t communicate with each other as well as they could, but the results rock. Just the other day we got wind of a 911-platform Porsche that was properly kitted out to be able to cross deserts and show off on gravel roads at speeds usually reserved for tarmac exploits. Millions and millions of dollars was spent on the R&D for the project, which is cool because they have the money, it just seems odd to do this on a 911 platform when the automaker has the Cayenne in their lineup, or even the Macan. We don’t really care though because we all benefit from some amazing projects. When the Cayenne came out we all thought Lamborghini would follow, and they did with the Urus albeit over a decade later. This time round the Italian automaker seemed to already have an all-road project in the works, and it’s just been previewed.

While the Porsche was the first sportscar to undergo this kind of treatment, this new Lamborghini is the first to do it with an iconic V10 engine powering the all-wheel drive underpinnings. That makes it the first supercar to be turned into a dust-creating, stone chucking sideways sliding monster. Something like this needs a good name and this project car was dubbed the Huracán Sterrato, which makes sense as its based on the iconic Huracán platform. The latter part, Sterrato, simply translates to Dirt Road. Makes perfect sense to us. While the car has been previewed, it hasn’t officially been released yet, that happens later this month which is when the full specification list will also be released. In the meantime, just listen to that glorious V10 soundtrack! It seems out of place on a dirt road, but we aren’t complaining.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the kinds of terrain that the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato can easily handle, as well as proper confirmation that the outfit's iconic V10 engine is making things more fun with that mad screaming soundtrack: It's coming... The Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato - a V10 for the beaten path | CWM

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