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Manhart has been in the game for over 35 years now, and in the aftermarket tuning game that’s a lifetime. It also shows that the company offers some amazing visual and engine upgrades that the public wants to have on their own cars. The German tuning outfit doesn’t specialise in a single brand, it’s expanded its wheelhouse to include many brands but they’re probably more well-known for the fiddling they do on BMW and Porsche models. In this case, the latest absolutely amazing creation is the MH3 650 Touring. As the nameplate suggests, the package comes from Manhart (MH) for the BMW 3-Series (3) and it has 650 hp on tap (650) with the package being for the M3 wagon (Touring). This is an evolution of the previously seen MH3 600 that was created for the regular coupe version of the M3.

This G81 Touring model features the same package as the G80 M3 Sedan, but in this case the cat-less Manhart downpipes and exhaust coupled with a reword of the ECU sees the OEM 500 hp rating rise to a very healthy 650 hp. There is an option for quieter exhausts with  300 Cells GESI catalytic converters or Manhart OPF-delete pipes with 200 Cells HJS catalytic converters. No matter which is chosen, the resulting soundtrack is improved, but that cat-less version is the one we’d have. The wheels chosen for the Touring are the awesome Manhart Concave One wheels that have been finished in a silk matt black colour that suits the car just right. Well, it certainly suits the black paint of this wagon, but may not suit all the shades that the car is available with and so they can be had in any colour the customer wants. Nice. The rest of the package is made up of carbon bits including a carbon diffuser, front spoiler, rear spoiler, side skirts and aero flicks with the finishing touch being that signature tasteful decal set.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the awesome Manhart MH3 package on the regular M3 in the form of the MH3 600, which is pretty much identical to the package for the MH3 650 package you see here, which is probably why there isn't a separate video for it yet. If you want to know if it's any good, Shmee150 shares his thoughts: Our NEW MANHART MH3 600 tested by Shmee150 | MANHART Performance

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