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We love the annual SEMA show, and if you’re weirdly not familiar with it the show is the biggest aftermarket show in the world, hence the full name: Specialty Equipment Market Association. We have massive fomo, it’s an event we’d give up body parts for, but until we figure out how to do that without pain, we’ll just have to experience all the show has to offer online. The show is on the ‘must attend’ list of most aftermarket brands, but the world’s automakers also attend to show their latest wares too, and from the house of Nissan we’re seeing some really interesting cars in Nissan's Thrill Street exhibit. We dig the Nissan Sunny LEAF project, probably because the Nissan Sunny that was chosen to show the results of a LEAF powertrain swap is also known as the Nissan Champ. The Champ is a car that’s deeply ingrained in South Africa and we’d bet millions that if one of these made it to production, SA would buy them all. Modern retro is just too cool. How rad does this thing look? 

Still with the retro theme is the rather good looking futuristically old Nissan Ariya Surfwagon concept. The Nissan designers gave the all-new 2023 Nissan Ariya a makeover that gives the car that old school feel with some serious beach/surf/holiday vibes. We also like that the word ‘concept’ is in the name, because unlike other SEMA projects that are built just for the show, there’s a possibility something similar could make it into production - and that makes us happy. It even makes us wanna learn how to surf. 

The newest version of the Nissan Frontier looks great, and anyone with high octane fuel running through their veins can see that the truck is a perfect base for a special project. Nissan created two different versions of the Frontier, one built by a race team and one built for the streets. The NISMO Off-Road Frontier V8 concept was built by Forsberg Racing and sees a powertrain swap to a TITAN V8 engine, a unique suspension setup, an imposing wide-body conversion and as many NISMO Off-Road parts that could be fitted. Nissan enthusiast and influencer Christina Roki will be at the show to reveal the Frontier Street Truck project that sees the truck covered in a distinct wrap, lowered a fair amount and fitted with a pretty cool wheel and tyre package. It’s got that "mini truckin” look and feel that was uber popular in the '90s.

The Nissan Z was tipped to be one of the new, popular tuner cars that would litter the SEMA venue. Plenty Z car owners won’t take their builds to the extreme like we’ll no doubt be seeing loads of, but they will want to tailor the car to their specific taste. With this in mind Nissan is on hand to show off all their latest factory-approved aftermarket accessories under the infamous NISMO nameplate. There are more than enough components available to make a Nissan Z quite unique, all while keeping the factory warranties in place. That’s pretty cool.

Nissan sees to it that their cars do well in competition, and for the fans of the sideways fellows there’s an opportunity to get a close up look at Chris Forsberg's monster of a 1 300 hp Formula Drift Z that’s based on the 2023 model. The car can no only be seen parked statically, it will also be seen killing some tyres and making lots of noise and smoke. You know, the right way to market a car. Adding to the motorsport things, the SEMA show will be the place where Nissan’s Z GT4 will be revealed. A competition-ready version that should see plenty of motorsport action across various racing disciplines.

Take a look at the YouTube video that pretty much shows you the same things as the images in this article, but they move a bit because technlogy: Nissan SEMA Customized Cars | Alpga SQUAD Official

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