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When car companies make cars that are touted as being awesome on track and it can handle like it’s on rails and beat the competition, the majority of the time they will give you hassles when you actually use the car as advertised. Warranties go out the window and any parts that need replacing become the owner’s cost due to either “negligence” or “abuse”. Luckily some automakers are better at this and they not only market the cars as track-ready, they allow owners to drive on track with no repercussions. Nissan looks to be one of the automakers, evident by their latest offering, the really easy on the eyes Nissan Z GT4 prepared by Nissan’s NISMO Racing Division. For this car they kept the cracking VR30DDTT engine, albeit it differently tuned, and they then went a step further and paid attention to the chassis, suspension and even the aerodynamics  - which were changed but just enough to comply with the necessary track regulations for the class. The result is a Nissan Z in all aspects, but with much more appeal enthusiast drivers and hardcore pros.

The NISMO engineering facility has been busy with the new track-ready Nissan Z GT4 since the car was revealed, and it’s finally ready for public consumption. The car has been put through its paces at various Japanese racetracks and one was even entered into the Fuji 24-hour race back in June – you may recall some sort of spy shots from back then – well this is the car that was being scrutinised.  There are no specifications on the car yet, the company is waiting to reveal all the interesting bits at the upcoming 2022 leg of the world-famous SEMA show in November. We’re keen to see what changes in the power output, as is the car has a great engine setup that produces a healthy almost rounded-off 300 kW and 475 Nm of torque from its 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 powerplant.

"Motorsports for Nissan is an expression of our passion and unrivalled expertise. The Nissan Z continues to maintain its position as an exciting sports car that fascinates drivers with its driving dynamics and flexible powertrain," said Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta. "We are confident that this track-ready GT4-category Nissan Z will be ready to write another chapter in the Nissan Z’s 50-plus-year legacy of speed."

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows some of the cool details of the new Nissan Z car that’s been through the R&D department at NISMO: The all-new Nissan Z GT4 racecar | Nissan

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