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We love lists here at SXdrv. All kinds of lists, from what the heaviest car is, the slowest, the fastest, the heaviest, the most expensive - you name it, we’re into it. We know that all of y’all out there also like these lists because we see the results and data of how many people have checked out the various articles. A previous list of the fastest cars produced to date was rather popular, and so it makes sense (in our heads) that you guys will also like this latest list from Donut Media that lists the most powerful cars to come off of every manufacturer’s production line and even includes automakers and cars that aren’t around anymore but they’re included because to date there’s been nothing with more horses reigned in that what made the list. Our favourite mad and loud presenter, James Pumphrey runs through a comprehensive list of the most powerful cars from over 100 automakers.

With some car companies, the most powerful car produced may still only sport less than 200hp, but they’ve been included too because the most powerful is just that, the most powerful. You’ll also notice that some of the cars mentioned in the list weren’t from normal production runs, but specialised creations that weren’t widely available or produced, but that isn’t a criteria for the inclusion or exclusion of cars on this list. We don’t want to mention the cars or models by name, because that would make watching the video a little pointless. Once you’ve had a watch, let us know which cars were the most surprising - or disappointing for you. From our side there are loads of cars on the list that we’d like to see populating our garage floor.

Take a look at the YouTube video where the animated James Pumphrey runs through the Donut Media list of the most powerful cars from every manufacturer, no matter what it is or if the power figure isn't very exciting: The Most Powerful Car From Every Company | Donut Media

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