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The Ford Fiesta is an iconic nameplate and had one of the longest uninterrupted production run since the car’s launch way back in 1976. The point of the car was to be compact, affordable and most importantly fuel efficient. The Fiesta’s production kicked off in Valencia, Spain before being movies to the long-time home of Dagenham in 1977 and in more recent times the modern Fiesta hails from Cologne, Germany. During the small car’s storied production run, no less than 20 000 000 models have rolled out of showroom floors worldwide. The Fiesta was always the smallest passenger car in the Ford lineup and that meant it was affordable for young families and students. Many people enjoyed their Fiesta ownership so much that they haven’t strayed from the brand, either consistently upgrading to newer Fiesta models or shopping higher up in the model range ladder. 

There have been seven generations of the compact car, and it’s always been a strong contender in the compact car segment and in many countries an outright market leader. In the UK the Fiesta has been most successful where it was the top-selling compact car from 2009 right through to 2020 where it started losing a little ground to the Puma in the continuing worldwide trend of choosing compact crossovers or regular SUVs. With a record as successful as this, the news of the retirement of the nameplate was a surprise to the entire automotive fraternity, but it goes to show that the burgeoning electric vehicle market is having an impact on ICE cars. The last Fiesta models are billed to leave the production line during 2023 with production winding down to allow the crossover to a full-electric production line by 2024. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that was created to tug on the heartstrings a little after the much-loved and very popular Ford Fiesta nameplate is retired after its launch 46 years ago: It’s Time to Say #FarewellFiesta | Ford News Europe

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