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As Bob Dylan said: “The times they are a changing” and that’s quite evident in the automotive world when it comes to electric vehicles. Maybe that should be “The times they are a charging” then? Much to the absolute horror of piston power fanatics, you can’t argue that it’s where motoring is headed. Initial problem was mileage, and that’s been sorted out. Then there was variety, and there’s already a healthy choice in most of the developed countries so that’s been sorted out. Then it was performance, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you cannot ignore the amount of videos showing the mind-blowing performance that hybrid-electric and full electric cars are capable of. That brings us to this drag race by Mat Watson and the carwow crew, it features the top fully-electric options available from German giants Audi and BMW in a standing start drag race. What’s even more impressive than these cars being the most powerful EV from each automaker, they’re also the most powerful series production cars produced by the German firms. It certainly didn’t take long for the rechargeable stuff to surpass the performance that the best of the gas guzzlers could muster. 

These electric cars aren’t just the most powerful electric offerings from the automakers, they’re also the most powerful road cars that they produce, period. The logical thing to do when two different companies make competing products is to test them against each other and the most effective way that ensures the cars will survive is a standing start drag race. Yeah, they can be tested on a track but then too many variables come into play and fanbois would have a field day in the comments section. Also while some EVs have put in impressive lap times, the battery packs make it quite the task thanks to the weight they add. In this case the Audi RS e-tron GT tips the scales at 2 347 kg and the iX M60 weighs in at 2 584 kg, but their straight-line performance will make you think otherwise. In the power stakes the BMW iX 60M has an impressive 455 kW with 1 100 Nm of torque while the Audi RS e-tron GT creates 475 kW with a much lower 830 Nm. Will that 237 kg weight difference have any effect on the performance? 

While it usually comes down to the driver in these things, there are so many driver ads and electronics on board that it really should just be a case of seeing the flag drop and mashing the not-so-loud pedal into the floorboards and holding on for dear life. These aids are much-needed though because with such impressive torque available, and the fact that it’s instantaneous means traction is an issue and tyres will bellow smoke in mere seconds. This explains why in Ken Block’s new Electrikhana video over 100 sets of tyres were offered up to the motoring gods. Who’s your money on in this race? We put our faith in Mr Block and that RS e-tron GT and the choice was made purely on looks because we can be superficial like that. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows just. how far electric vehicles have come in such a short space of time with a proper standing-start drag race between the two fastest EVs from Audi and BMW: Fastest BMW v Fastest Audi: DRAG RACE | carwow

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