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The Orange-County-based Manny Khoshbin is a legend in his own right, a self-made bazillionaire who has a passion for the finest automobiles on the planet and one of the most amazing car collections ever to exist. When it comes to hypercars he’s the kind of man that can’t just have one model from an automaker, but all of the best ones. It’s rather rare to see someone own more than one modern Bugatti Veyron, but Manny owns all the limited editions that have been created. The same goes with cars from Pagani, he couldn't decide on one version, so has multiple specifications. A proper gentleman with amazing taste, but also the kind to rough it, and that’s where the bros from Daily Driven Exotics come from. These guys all stay in the same region, and with the DDE base being closer to Manny’s new seven trillion square foot ‘church’ another meeting was guaranteed to happen. 

Manny deals in the newest and coolest factory cars, and when something he has in his collection is modified it’s not really. The things in his collection housed at his $44 000 000 headquarters that are faster than like-models have been tweaked by the actual automaker themselves in the form of special edition cars, which is worlds apart from the aftermarket modified cars that we see the DDE crew messing around with on their YouTube channel. You can see exactly what we mean when you see the reaction and the look on Manny’s face when he sits in that DDE twin-turbocharged Lamborghini and blips that throttle a few times. Actually, we recently saw Manny playing around with a seriously modified Nissan GT-R, so it makes us wonder if there’s going to be something added to his collection along the lines of what’s in the DDE garages. 

Take a look at the YouTube video showing the mad crew from Daily Driven Exotics during a little visit to Manny Khoshbin's oversized, opulent 'church' as he calls it. How's his face when he revs that Lambo - Check it: DDE SAID I NEED TO ADD THIS CAR TO MY COLLECTION! | Manny Khoshbin - Also, check the video below this one for the same content but from the DDE point of view.

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