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When an Audi sports an RS badge, you know it means serious business. These cars are the pinnacle of Audi perfection and they always have rather large power figures that are distributed through all four wheels via Audi’s amazing Quattro all-wheel drive system. In the RS line-up, the bigger models come in the form of the RS5 Coupe, the RS5 Sportback and the RS4 Avant that has to be one of the coolest wagons money can buy. The cars have an impressive spec list, and that’s just been updated with the new optional Competition and Competition Plus upgrade packages.

These new packages have been announced for the German/European market, but we’re sure it will trickle down into other markets where people want the absolute best version of their chosen model. The first option is the ‘normal’ Competition Pack and when you tick this box the RS chosen will see the addition of the RS Sports Exhaust System Plus that features a pair of beefy oval exhaust tips that’s not only a freer flowing system, it also gives the RS a nice throaty tone that’s more easily heard in the cabin thanks to less sound deadening. The ECU/TCU software gets a tweak and the electronically-limited 250 km/h top speed gets shifted to 290 km/h. Over and above the go fast things, aesthetics receive a black exterior trim pack including the badges, matt carbon mirror caps, front splitter, side flaps and sill extensions as well as on the rear diffuser. Optional 20-inch Phantom Black wheels can be had, and if you’re blessed with a serious disposable income, the body can be had in a new crystal-effect Sebring Black paint. The cabin sees changes that includes Piano Black seat sides, black seatbelts with red edging and the RS sport seats come with a blend of Pearl Nappa leather and Dinamica faux suede.

The Competition Plus package includes all of the above, plus more, hence the name. This package choice sees changes to the steering ratio, the Quattro diff ratio, the ABS system (combined with ceramic brakes), the suspension spring and damper rates and ride height. While the engine setups haven’t changed on the hardware side, the cars shave off 0.2-seconds and 0.1-second respectively. The RS models here all make use of that sublime twin-turbocharged 2.9-litre V6 lump that’s rated at 331 kW and 600 Nm. If these packages become available in SA, directly translated the Competition pack looks like it will be in the region of R145 000 and the Competition Plus package will likely be loser to R220 000. That’s a lot of money for split seconds of improvement.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows the latest update to the Audi RS 4 Avant that sees the wagon being all-round more badass with the Competition Package. The RS 5 get's the same treatment, but as cool as it is, the wagon is the boss Check it out here: FIRST TEST! 2023 AUDI RS4 AVANT COMPETITION - LIGHTER, FASTER & MORE AGILE - Perfection? In Detail | Auditography

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