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For those of us that don’t have ridiculously high paying jobs or successful YouTube channels, the only real way to experience all the best that motoring has to offer is in the virtual world. PC and console games are a billion dollar industry thanks to this, well in part. A plethora of motoring titles mean that someone sitting at home on their couch can immerse themselves in a world of hypercars and supercars without breaking the bank. If you discount the price of the consoles and the games, of course but they nowhere near total what a real life car costs (unless the car is a real wreck of a beater). When playing these games, especially the better of the game out there, the “driving” experience can be pretty great thanks to legit vehicle soundtracks and as much attention paid to driving dynamics as possible. If you have a sim setup and some decent screens or goggles, this experience can be even better. While some games allow match ups of iconic sportscars so users can see the outcomes, you can also get a feel for it from YouTube videos, and that’s where Mat Watson and crew from carwow come into play.

This crew specialises in setting up drag races between some of the world’s most iconic cars that would never normally occur and so we’ve seen some pretty mad things raced on the carwow test track. For the latest video the crew assembled no less than seven of the most iconic cars from the online automotive world and pitted them against each other. There’s no virtual tweaking and tuning possible because this is real life, so what arrived at the track is what raced with no changes. The list of these iconic cars just happens to be a full JDM affair that’s made up of a Honda NSX, a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, a Mazda RX-7, a Nissan Silvia S15, a Mk4 Toyota Supra, a Toyota Chaser and a Mitsubishi Evo VI from when the automaker still cared about performance and not using iconic nameplates to sell wannabe 4x4s. These cars would never normally compete against each other in a legit race thanks to differing engine sizes and drivetrains, but for this episode, we don’t care. 

The lowest power in this exercise comes from the 2.0-litre turbocharged Silvia S15 with just 250 hp, one up is the normally aspirated Honda NSX with 275 hp from it’s V6 lump, and then we find the R34 GT-R, the RX-7, the Chaser and the Evo all have 280 hp from the factory while the MNk4 Supra is rated the highest with 285 hp. The GT-R and the Evo are blessed with all-wheel drive and the rest of the field sees power sent to the rears only.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows Mat Watson live out our childhood dreams by hosting a drag race featuring the most iconic JDM cars from the Gran Turismo game series: Gran Turismo DRAG RACE... In real life! | carwow

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