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 When SUVs started getting very popular, automakers all started creating versions that were a little smaller in size but packed a decent punch under the hood. There was so much R&D going into this new line of cars that it ended up creating a whole new market segment dubbed SAV, which is the acronym for Sports Activity Vehicle. It’s basically a normal SUV, a little smaller in size (not always) with more power than the car should have. Whatever you call these cars, they’re gaining traction and popularity on a massive scale and most automakers have jumped on the bandwagon to create their own version. From BMW’s M-Division, the latest addition to the SAV stable is the all-new BMW XM, a powerful hybrid-electric that’s packed with new technologies and systems.

So if the focus is on power, what powers this new BMW XM? The base engine setup is a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 that’s capable of creating 360 kW, which is already a healthy number, but when combined with the electric drive system that produces an extra 145 kW the resulting 480 kW is nothing to sneeze at. Overall torque is rated at 800 Nm, so with all of that heading to all four wheels, this renamed SUV has some pretty impressive performance. The BMW XM sprints from 0-100 km/h in as little as a claimed 4.3-seconds. As if that’s not enough, later on in 2023 the automaker will release the BMW XM Label Red and it’s touted to be the most powerful road-legal series-produced car in BMW M-Division’s history with a power output of a mad 550 kW, this is comprised 430 kW from the combustion engine side of the setup with the electric assistance measuring in at 145 kW – max combined torque is a stonking 1 000 Nm!

There’s a plethora of tech packed in too, of course. The BMW XM SAV features the best systems the automaker has on hand, there’s an amazing interior, a variety of drive modes and an option list spanning many pages. Take a look at the overview pics below the YouTube video.

Take a look at the YouTube video that takes a decent look at the all-new BMW XM, a car that shows the future of motoring in some typically cool Bavarian style: Introducing the first-ever BMW XM | BMW M

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