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The Delage D12 was previewed earlier this year at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed and it was as well-received as you’d expect a limited number hypercar that packs a whopping 1 100 hp of power with a monstrous 7.6-litre V12 and some hybrid action doing the deed. The car looks like a fighter jet, and that’s the point of it, inspiration was taken directly from the planes that win wars. Combining that inspiration with the same from the world of Formula 1, the results are exactly as you’d expect - mind-blowing! There were only 30 models destined for production, and the majority of those have already been snapped up. In the meantime, the French automaker has created a version that can have the (literal) cockpit cover removed to make it an open-top just like the F1 cars that gave inspiration.

The reason this hypercar is back in the news is because the company has modified that fighter jet-style cockpit on the latest incarnation and it’s now removable so that owners can properly immerse themselves in that aural cacophony that can only be heard from the banshee-like scream of a V12. Over and above the removable lid, the D12 remains pretty much the same, even though two new “trim” are added to the lineup - the F1 and Speedster. The spec of these is all sort of interchangeable too, it can be a little confusing but the clients after something like this will know what they want, or they’ll pay someone to tell them what they want. The 1 100 hp comes from the V12 (990 hp) and an electric motor (110 hp) and it’s mated to an 8-speed transmission that so like the F1 cars that ex-F1 driver Jacques Villeneuve will be on-hand to teach it’s operation. How’s that for a selling point.
The specs are interesting, the D12 is the first road-legal car equipped with the contractive suspension that revolutionised F 1, it has brake-cooling carbon fibre wheels, has the same architecture and technical choices as an F1 car with a monocoque and frontal crashbox in carbon fibre, had double the downforce of a regular supercar, it has 4 driving settings, tops out at 360 km/h, has a 2-seater configuration based on a jet fighter, seats are moulded to the driver and the audio system comes from world-renown Focal. The whole package is a mere $2 300 000 and some change.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing the first public sighting of the Delage D123 at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed: $2.3 million Delage D12 makes world debut at Goodwood | Festival of Speed | Goodwood Clips

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