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For many people a car is the second biggest investment after a house, and when it’s time to add one to the garage one of the things done is price comparisons. Not everyone is a millionaire, and budgets need to be set, well for those that don’t subscribe to the “you can sleep in your car but you can’t race your house” philosophy. But what if we were all millionaires and when choosing a car, money was no object? You’d likely be looking at the best cars on offer, and if you were then this list of the most expensive cars from every manufacturer, current and from bygone days, could be your guide to how to best throw away your money. Some of the prices of these cars are borderline insane, especially when you get into the realm of the supercars and hypercar manufacturers.

Donut Media lists make us happy, it’s always great when someone else answers the question floating around in your head for you. The prices from years back are quite surprising, seeing a Geo Tracker listed at more than $15 000 in 1997 is a likely reason we don’t have a 2022 model on the cards. Seeing the ridiculously fast Caterham Super Seven RTS V8 Levante make the list makes sense as it was a limited number car, but when you realise that hefty $135 000 price tag was actually back in 2008. Jumping to 2022 and the Rimac Nevera’s price tag sits comfortably at a mere $2 100 000 showing both the progress in tech and materials as well as how mad the world has gone.  

Take a look at the YouTube video where James and crew give us the rundown of the most expensive cars on offer from the world's automakers: The Most Expensive Car from Every Car Company | Donut Media

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