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"More than four thousand stylistic drawings, ten scale models, one wind tunnel model, two 1:1 scale models and countless ideas, research and experiments on eight complete prototypes for a team effort that lasted more than six years. We put our passion, effort and sacrifice into creating something timeless and cutting-edge in terms of technology. After being completely absorbed by this strenuous creative process, the ideals represented by the project became so intimate to me, that any attempt to describe it would have seemed inadequate. Almost by chance I came across an old article by Robert Puyal, in which he described the first Zonda in 1999 in a surprisingly insightful way, following a principle of simplicity and elegance similar to what I have sought from day one in the new project. So I suggested to my colleagues in the communication department to invite him and let him narrate this new stage of our journey." - Horacio Pagani

This new Pagani hypercar, the Utopia, was designed to globe an initial aesthetic shock while radiating simplicity. The new shape is more flowing and curvaceous from the windscreen with its rounded upper edges to the details of its wings and bonnet. There are now very few aerodynamic add-ons but the drag coefficient is still more efficient than ever before. The Pagani Utopia incorporates the function of these missing aero pieces into its overall design and the result is brilliant downforce and reduced drag solely - an amazing way of incorporating the much necessary dynamics while pleasing the eye.  Even the mismatched 21” and 22” wheels have a turbine-shaped carbon fibre extractor that works to evacuate hot air away from the brakes while also reducing turbulence under the body. The side mirrors are set apart from the body to improve aerodynamic penetration, a feature stemming from thorough testing in a wind tunnel.
Inside the Utopia, there’s more, well, utopia. Automotive Utopia. The styling is modern and retro at the same time, it features an amazing mix of features. Oddly, and unlike every other automaker, there’s a conspicuous lack of screens besides the minimalistic display for the driver to monitor all the car’s integral systems. There’s no haptic buttons of any kind, everything you need to adjust is done via proper buttons and knobs and the dials are of the analogue variety. The steering wheel is machined from a solid aluminium block, as are the foot pedals. The exposed gear lever is a work of art, something that could be removed and put on display in a billionaire’s man cave.
The Pagani Utopia sets itself apart by not following the hybrid powerplant trend, instead opting for their renown, monstrous 6.0-litre V12 engine complete with a pair of singing turbochargers that is meticulously built by engine supplier Mercedes-AMG. This V12 creates a claimed 635 kW (864 hp) with the expected high torque figure of 1100 Nm of torque. In keeping with being different, there’s no DCT transmission in the Utopia, instead the hypercar employs a bespoke 7-speed automated-manual transmission developed in collaboration with Xtrac.

There's no word on the measured performance figures for the Pagani Utopia, but they're sure to be released soon, and when that happens we'll update you, because that's how we roll at SXdrv.

Take a look at the YouTube video from Pagani that showcases the all-new Utopia hypercar that's sure to be a sought-after addition to many of the world's best automotive collections: Pagani Utopia | Pagani Automobili

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