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There are loads of content creators on YouTube who make us more than a little jealous. Some go out of their way to try to create content that’s spectacular and over the top, but at carwow Mat and his crew have a brilliant, yet simple recipe. They round up cars of interest, line them up and race them. Of course, there is some information and tech details on each car discussed first, and in most cases, there is a sound check too. This simple recipe means it can be repeated over and over without getting stale, and we’re 100% hooked. For this latest drag race the team assembled seven of the coolest iconic JDM cars that helped created legions of fans around the world after featuring in console games like Gran Tourismo.

For this awesome 7-wide drag race some of the best and most iconic JDM cars were assembled and pitted against each other. In this day and age, it must be quite the task to get something like this together because these cars are not that common anymore and when they are found you have to convince the owners to thrash them purely for entertainment purposes. I guess if any of us SXdrv crew owned these cars, we actually wouldn’t need too much convincing. There is, in fact, a tasty orange Series 6 FD Mazda RX-7 in the garage outside, maybe we should try to set up a similar drag race… The only issue would be the NSX because there isn’t a running one in the country. 

The list of cars rounded up is mighty impressive, there’s a Honda NSX, a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, a Series 6 FD Mazda RX-7, a Nissan Silvia S15, a Mk4 Toyota Supra, a Toyota Chaser and lastly a Mitsubishi Evo VI. If you gave us this list and told us to rank the cars in order of the finishing positions from the race, and assuming the cars are stock we’d guess the Mitsubishi to be the leader followed by the RX-7 and then the S15. Which order do you think they’d end in if all the cars were stock and the drivers all had equal skills?

Take a look at the YouTube video from one of our favs, Mat Watson where he's living the dream pitting some of the coolest JDM models against each other in a drag race that will send you back to the days of playing Gran Turismo: Gran Turismo DRAG RACE... In real life! | carwow

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