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We like heartwarming stories here at SXdrv, especially so when they’re centered around this automotive industry we’ve committed our lives to. There’s little as heartwarming as an automaker trying to start a bromance with the tuning scene. In the latest tale, the folk in the PR department at Opel came up with a brilliant way to connect to fans of the aftermarket tuning scene, which is something all automakers should really be doing considering how much of that side of the industry helps to pay their bills. For this project, they used a new Opel Astra plug-in hybrid that was displayed at XZ Carnight’s 20 Years of XZCN in Berlin in July and will also be seen at the world-famous Wörthersee Lake in Austria for the XS Carnight at the Lake event.

Rüsselsheim-based tuning specialist XS has teamed up with Opel to help them amass some valuable ‘scene points’ and so they got hold of a fully-loaded Astra that features the top-of-the-line Ultimate equipment package with state-of-the-art technologies like the digital Pure Panel cockpit, adaptive Intelli-Lux LED Pixel Lights and also AGR-certified sport seats up front. The changes carried out by XS include the fitment of GRINDS air suspension with Carstyle Me height sensors using the OEM shocks. There’s no point slamming a car like this and still having the OEM wheels in place, that’s the scene equivalent of skipping leg day. The plug-in hybrid Opel Astra now wears a rather tasty set of 20-inch forged wheels RVNT Forged, which will only go on for shows. To make sure people know the car’s heritage, some decals have been added in the original Opel Motorsport colours and they’re actually available off the shelf at Opel Accessories.

Fans in Europe can see the modified Opel Astra plug-in hybrid at XS Carnight at Lake Wörthersee in Austria on the 17 September 2022. .

Take a look at the YouTube video showing how the new plug-in hybrid Opel Astra was prepared for XS Carnight at Lake Worthersee to help the brand be more relatable to the tuner scene: New Opel Astra: Tuned by XS Carnight | Opel

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