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There are some cars that have the reputation of being the perfect all rounders that have amazing handling, a healthy spec list, and power for days, like the Porsche GT3 with its high-revving normally-aspirated 4.0-litre flat-6 that produces 500 hp. The car wants for nothing, absolutely nothing. Until the day a new generation Turbo S lines up next to one at the lights lays down the law because there’s around 140 more horses in play thanks to a pair of a pair of turbochargers. Over at TMSS Motorsport there’s an amazing solution to this lack of power problem, and that’s to match the Turbo S by feeding the flat-6 a moderate diet of boost. The bonus of a supercharger is the instantaneous power which leaves the motor feeling like and responding like a normally-aspirated car, so the GT3’s driving dynamics remain the same.

It didn’t take long for news of this mad project to spread across South Africa, and as soon as our mates at Cars.co.za found out about it, they made sure to be among the first to document it and show the world. They caught up with Nishen at his Robertville workshop and got the lowdown on the supercharger conversion along with the valvetronic exhaust, how it all works and the effect it has on the motor. Keeping the characteristics of a normally-aspirated engine, the car drives pretty much as it does in stock form, just “with a bit more grunt”. That extra grunt is more than a bit, it took the Porsche GT3’s power to 674 hp at the rears. As the car now stands, it features the supercharger kit, in-house TMSS equal length CAT-less headers with a TMSS Custom valvetronic exhaust, a custom PDK tune and a custom ECU tune.

Take a look at the YouTube video featuring this Porsche GT3 that's had a 100% power increase from a bespoke supercharger conversion, and the reasoning and R&D behind the project: Supercharged Porsche GT3! Incredible custom build with active exhaust (and proudly South African) | Cars.co.za

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