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Easily one of the most recognisable racecars on the planet, Ken Block’s all-wheel drive and twin-turbocharged Mustang - The Hoonicorn - is for sale. In RC format of course, which is what the almost unforgivable clickbaity headline means . The 1:1 scale Hoonicorn would be worth really silly money, and even if the price tag was high there is still the issue of convincing Ken to actually put it up for sale. This 1/10 scale is actually the Hoonicorn V2, as seen by the turbochargers peeking above the bonnet. This one is a tenth of the size, and way less than a tenth of the price, but it’s close to being as cool. It’s a brilliant looking thing and has just enough detail to make you not want to crash it when replicating Ken’s shenanigans on your own home-built Gymkhana Grid course in the backyard. 

This wee Hoonicorn V2 is a fully pre-built kit that is already decaled to be an exact replica of the Hoonicorn V2 body in the well-known Hoonicorn vs. The World 2 livery. The kit also includes a set of replica American Racing VF503 wheels, the brand new Team Associated Apex 2 shaft-driven AWD chassis, as well as the radio transmitter and all the electronics needed, but in age-old toy fashion batteries are not Included, which in this case takes the form of a 7.4V or 11.1V LiPo battery pack. There are injection-moulded brake calipers and rotors, a Reedy brushed speed control and 3-pole brushed motor, a steel 25T servo horn, steel dog bones and drive axles, Sealed front and rear gear differentials, adjustable hook and loop battery straps, full metal ball bearings, an aluminium motor plate, adjustable shock mounting locations, bleeder screws on shock caps, bolt-on steering plates, moulded one-piece tie rods and steering links, G10 shock towers and a G10 main chassis, a "Shorty" battery box and POM-filled injection moulded pivot balls. 

Take a look at the YouTube video showcasing the awesome lil' Team Associated Hoonicorn V2 by people who know a lot more about these things than we do: Hoon Ready RC Car! Team Associated Apex 2 Hoonicorn RTR | RC Driver

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