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I was in high school when the now iconic Bugatti EB110 was released, and while the automaker had been around for many years by that time, it’s the first Bugatti that I could easily identify purely on the colour. Even if it wasn’t officially called Bugatti Blue, in my head that would be the name for the rest of time. The easily identifiable light blue paint is far from new, and it just happens to suit every car that’s ever left the bespoke automaker’s factory. The colour looks to have been originally based on French Racing Blue that was seen on the first Bugatti Grand Prix cars, it was light, closer to white.  In the 1920s, the golden era of Grand Prix, a heavier shade of light blue was used and this got darker and like on Jean Bugatti’s Type 57 Tank.

Here’s a weird thing though, while Bugatti Blue is iconic and instantly recognisable to motoring anoraks, it’s never really been the same shade. It’s been tweaked and tailored to match current trends and fashion, so it's sometimes lighter, sometimes darker, but always Bugatti. Bugatti’s dominant colour will remain Blue and will always keep the Bugatti-specific spirit of “La vie en Bleu” alive. As you can see from the video, that Bugatti Blue paint is so versatile that it looks at home on the OG classics wight through to that technological marvel called the Bollide. Out of all the models to wear this blue, I do think the EB110 is the absolute best and is the epitome of Bugatti.

Take a look at the short YouTube video that shows just how a colour can add to the overall appeal of a car, and can also help it have a unique identity defined by a certain shade of paint. That’s the Bugatti life for you - the life in blue, or if you get your fancy on: "La Vie En Bleu”: Bugatti Blue Throughout Time | Bugatti

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