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BMW’s E39 M5 was produced from 1998 through to 2003 which makes them modern classics. Arguably one of the coolest M-cars to ever be created, it was the pinnacle of engineering that sported a 294 kW (394 hp) / 500 Nm normally aspirated V8 and had an amazing soundtrack. When a car wears that ///M badge, you already know it will have a life lived at the redline because that’s what it was made for. This usually limits the longevity of an engine, but we’re not here to talk about the car per se, we’re here for the mileage. This example spotted here was built in 2002, and with 873 069 km on its odometer it simply must be the highest mileage one in existence. Even more impressive is the fact that its claimed to have the original timing chain and the engine has never been opened. That’s some brilliant engineering.

While that’s all very impressive, we’ve actually seen quite a few car with mileage that doesn’t match the car’s wear and tear. Usually when someone says that, they’re alluding to the fact that the odometer may have been turned back, but with some cars you’d swear they were fast-forwarded. This M5 is one of those, but so is this minter of a Mk2 GTi we know from some local events. Naresh Ruthnum is the car’s owner, and while he does own a detailing business, the car has been meticulously maintained from the late 80s already. The condition of this Golf boggles the mind, especially since these images were taken many miles ago but the odometer shows nearly 450 000 km. Since then the car has travelled to shows all over the place so it’s closer to that half a million mark. 

What cars have you seen with a mileage number that doesn’t match the car’s condition? By this we mean it looks amazing with high mileage, not that it looks bad with low mileage because that’s actually way too common these days. Do you have a high mileage car? What’s that odometer saying now? Has it had any major repairs or is it as faultless as this E35 M5 claims to be? 

Take a look at the short YouTube video showing the suspiciously clean high mileage E39 BMW M5 that's either circles the earth more than 20 times or beeb to the moon and back nearly 3 times: The World's Highest Mileage E39 M5? | E39Source

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