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We always have a little chuckle when an automaker reveals a new model of a performance car and they start off by telling the world that the car is the most powerful of its kind to date. Isn’t that sorta the point though? To be faster and more powerful than the predecessor? It wouldn’t do very well during the marketing of a new car if the tagline was “the all-new Honda Civic Type R - Almost as powerful as the last model”. Back to the new Honda Civic Type R that’s the most powerful of its kind and is also the most powerful production Honda to date in the world market. We already know a lot about the new Type R, but we didn’t know what kind of power was on tap from the 2.0-litre turbocharged lump - and now we do. We knew it would be pretty decent thanks to the car already claiming a record during the Suzuka track testing.

This turbocharged 4-banger pumps out a very healthy 235 kW (315 hp) with 420 Nm of torque, which is an increase of around 7 kW (9 hp) 20 Nm and that makes it one of the most powerful cars in its class with an output of 116 kW/litre, but from 112.7 kW in the previous-generation. "Type R is very important for Honda as the pinnacle of our factory performance and an irreplaceable brand that enables enthusiasts to experience Honda's racing spirit, and seek the ultimate in speed and driving pleasure," said Hideki Kakinuma, global Civic Type R development leader. "The all-new Civic Type R will continue that legacy, leveraging Honda's racetrack-proven engineering to deliver extreme performance and passion—both on the road and on the racetrack."

Changes to the car include a larger grille opening, a bigger radiator and radiator fan, an active exhaust valve that automatically opens at higher rpm, a lighter flywheel and a revised rev-match system, an optimised shift gate pattern, improved aerodynamics, significantly improved chassis/body rigidity, a longer wheelbase (longest in class), a wider front and rear track, a retuned dual-axis strut front and multilink rear suspension, and a re-tuned brake booster. All body panels ahead of the A-pillars are unique to the Type R and this includes a more aggressive front bumper design. Stance is lower and accentuated with the wider rear doors, also exclusive to the Type R. There’s also a reshaped rear bumper that surrounds the signature triple exhaust end. A redesigned rear spoiler with aluminium stanchions along with a new rear diffuser increase downforce and reduce drag.

Take a look at this walkaround YouTube video about the all-new Type R by Honda racecar driver Ryan Eversley. There's just so much to this new Honda Civic Type R, it's going to be a hard car to beat on track and on the streets: Walkaround the 2023 Civic Type R with Ryan Eversley | Honda

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