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Thanks to the exclusivity of the Bugatti brand, as well as the sales tags that are almost equivalent to a small country’s national debt, it’s quite rare to see a few gathered together which means it’s absolutely unheard of when no less than 28 can be seen in one place. One thing that makes herding these cars together an almost impossible mission is the owners, Think about it - these are ridiculously expensive cars that can only really be owned by the 1% out there. These guys are captains of industry and top-tier executives which means they’re usually putting in hundreds of hours a month to keep the millions flowing in and that means play time is usually quite minimal. It happens when you get your thrills from corporate takeovers and not the adrenaline of speed.

Someone in Europe has the best Personal Assistant in the world, it must have taken real skill and a heck of a lot of hard work to get everyone’s diaries and calendars synchronised, but it was well worth it. The list of cars in attendance spanned model years from the classics to the latest and greatest in the Bugatti stable. You’ll spot a Chiron Super Sport ($3 825 000), a Veyron Super Sport ($2 400 000), a Divo (1 of 40 at $5 800 000), an EB110 Super Sport ($3 500 000), a 1 of 10 Centodieci ($8 800 000) as well as the super-rare 1 of 1 La Voiture Noire valued at a whopping $19 000 000! That’s close to $50 000 000 for just six cars out of 28 cars.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off an absolutely massive gathering of one of the most expensive automotive products on the planet - Bugatti cars. What's your guess on the total value? Have a look and have your calculator ready: Bugatti Heaven!! $16.7M Voiture Noire joins 27x Bugatti in Swiss Alps | TheTFJJ

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