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Ok, so this fantastic creation isn’t borne from Pagani Automobiles alone, it’s the result of a collaboration with Gibellini Projects, a Modena-based manufacturer of bespoke professional folding large and medium format cameras. The company is known for their use of CNC’d aluminium in its creations, that and its location meant a partnership with Pagani Automobiles would be like the proverbial match made in heaven. The colab comes after Horatio Pagani was gifted a Gibellini film camera and he realised that the design and manufacturing process is closely aligned with that of his Pagani hypercars - intricate billet aluminium parts that flow seamlessly together to create not only a fully-functional analogue camera but a literal work of art.

The end product of the 2-year-long collaboration is called the Gibellini GP810HP and creates images using a large format 8x10-inch plate with the results being in high-quality and intricately-detailed black and white. 8x10”, or 200x250mm film contains more information than a professional reflex camera that averages a size of 20x24mm. The resulting highly-detailed negative can be used to produce blown-up and extra-large prints while quality and resolution remains intact.

The camera is created using solid aluminium and titanium using components machined from a single block, just like many Pagani Automobile parts. In fact, current Pagani owners have the option to have their own Gibellini GP810HP tailored to match their Pagani car. With that in mind, it also makes sense that the camera will be produced in limited numbers to keep them as exclusive as the cars themselves. That said, with a price tag of around the $100 000 mark we reckon it will only be afforded by those wealthy enough to have one of Horatio’s creations in their automotive collection.

The GP810HP comes complete with a tripod that has a leather-covered carbon fibre enclosure, available in different leather shades. The initial production run of 30 is only available to Pagani Automobile owners, the balance of 45 units will go on sale to those who can afford it. 

Take a look at the YouTube video from Zhao where he films the unboxing of this uber-exclusive, ridiculously expensive Gibellini GP810HP large format folding camera that comes as a result of a collaboration between the Italian automaker and camera manufacturers Gibellini: Gibellini GP810HP Camera Pagani special edition unboxing in Hong Kong | Zhao Xiang Guan

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