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In the automotive world there can be plenty of weird surprises, this is one of them. We follow just about every motoring-related thing that can be followed, because we think information is how you win arguments, and even money at various manner of social gatherings. Being able to rattle off motoring trivia is the absolute best way to get people to like you, if you call out enough power to weight ratios or power figures of arbitrary cars you’ll become the most attractive thing in the room and everyone will love you. We’re here to help you boost that confidence so you’ll never be lonely, and this lil piece about the world’s most aerodynamic production car. With the amount of overpriced supercars and hypercars on the market that count as production models, common logic would be thinking that one of those cars would be the most aerodynamic. With the prices they’re sold for you’d expect the best in the field to come from the likes of Lamborghini, or even one of the smaller production houses like Koenigsegg, well that’s what we’d expect.

And we’d be wrong. The title of the world’s most aerodynamic car goes to a niche automaker that has its focus on efficiency and modern technologies - Lightyear. The company is the driving force behind a solar charged EV project called Lightyear 0. The small 60 kWh battery that holds charge is able to keep the Lightyear 0 go on for a claimed 1 000km. That long distance isn’t down to the power alone though, the shape of the car is integral to the efficiency of the whole package, and the highest efficiency comes from the lowest drag coefficient. Sorta logical. With a measured drag coefficient that’s the lowest ever measured in a production vehicle measures in at just 0.175 Cd. Lightyear’s Chief Technology Officer, Arjo van der Ham, commented: “We are extremely proud of this incredible achievement. We had to start from a blank sheet of paper when we started developing our technology and – with a lot of dedication and hard work – we continue to push the boundaries with every milestone like this.”

These cars are where the future is headed, although right now the future is only for the really, really wealthy when you consider that the Lightyear 0 can be plugged in next to your iPhone 14 for the once-off, affordable sum of just €255 000, or roughly R4 500 000, give or take the total of bribing the right officials to get the car across the border.

Take a look at the YouTube video where a bunch of people far, far cleverer than myself talk about the Lightyear project and all the tech details you're likely wondering about: Lightyear 0 — The most aerodynamic production car in history | Lightyear

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