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Barrett-Jackson is arguably the world’s most well-known auction house, often putting on massive weekend-long auctions featuring cars, bikes and memorabilia from all walks of life. Having a build sold off for a good price at a Barrett-Jackson is the holy grail for countless workshops and automotive builders, you can see loads of reality show-style YouTube and Discovery documentaries that centre around building a car with the sole purpose of being on the Barrett-Jackson auction block. The company has auctioned off all manner of cars covering just about any theme you can think of, racecars, limited edition cars, 1st edition cars and a whole host of well-known movie cars. The auction house has put together a 2-part list of some of the movie cars they’ve helped sell off, and here’s a few samples of the cars and the money they fetched…

At the Scottsdale auction in 2019, the iconic, custom 1967 Mustang Fastback from the Nicholas Cage/Angelina Jolie blockbuster movie fetched a high $385 000 (in 2021 it went for $357 500). The car was sold with a Certificate of Authenticity from Cinema Vehicle Services that was signed by Ray Claridge, who is the President of Cinema Vehicle Services.

Back in Scottsdale, in 2015 this time, one of the auction highlights was a 1965 Kirkham Shelby Cobra rolling chassis that was featured in the Iron Man movie from 2008. This car was a bit different to the rest that came on auction because the car wasn’t really in a driving condition (lack of a motor usually does that). In the movie Iron Man crash landed on the Cobra causing damage from his heavy suit and the car was sold complete with Iron Man crunched into the bonnet. It fetched $24 200.

Some movie cars are more iconic than others, and the Batmobile from 1966 by George Barris is instantly recognisable having been seen by Batman fans for generations. During a 2015 auction, Barret-Jackson sold the open-top movie car for an outstanding amount. The buyer must be the biggest Batman fan on the planet because the hammer went down at an almost unbelievable $4 620 000!

Take a look at the YouTube video showing one of the other times the iconic Mustang Fastback went under the Barrett-Jackson auction hammer - this time it sold for less than the first time, but hey, still interesting: SOLD! "Gone in 60 Seconds" Mustang - Eleanor Tribute Edition - BARRETT-JACKSON HOUSTON 2021 | Barrett-Jackson

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