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While some out there aren’t quite aware of the Caterham brand, they’ll likely still recognise the iconic shape of some of their cars. Colloquially and incorrectly referred to as the Lotus 7 by the masses, this shape of car has been around since your dad’s dad was wooing your mum at the local disco. UK-based Caterham have created some very special models over the year, some being ridiculously fast and nimble on track like the Caterham Seven 620 powered by a 2.0-litre supercharged Ford Zetec lump that afford the lightweight car a power output of 230 kW. A 0-100 under 3-seconds and a top end of 250 km/h. But this isn’t about that car, it’s about two new models added to the range under the Heritage banner - the Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000, just in time for the automaker’s 50th birthday.

This pair of new Super Sevens take their inspiration from the Sevens seen on the streets and tracks in the 60s and 70s, and that means there’s a whole host of classic details that have been added into the mix - including chrome - a classic car must-have. Wings have been flared, new retro-style Smiths dials are in play and are available in colours matching the heritage theme. The two new old models feature different engine setups to cater (ham - haha) to different clientele. The Super Seven 600 has been kitted out with a small capacity, turbocharged 660cc Suzuki lump with a whopping 84 hp on tap. But such is the power to weight and the gearing that the retro Caterham can still hit 100 km/h in around 7-seconds. It’s a simple setup that’s going to be massive fun to drive. The Super Seven 2000, as the name suggests is fitted with that aforementioned Ford lump, but this one is of Duratec origin as seen in the likes of the Focus ST 170, instead of the older-gen Zetec. This one has 135kW available and sends the classic open-top to 100 km/h at just about bang on 5.0-seconds. Options include a limited-slip diff, a sports suspension package, anti-roll bar and upgraded brakes. Larger drivers can even option a bigger chassis so human fitment is easier.

The cool thing with Caterham is you can buy these cars in a turnkey solution, which means as you see them in the pics, but if you’re wealthy, have lots of spare time and a place to stay in the UK, you can order the car in kit form and put it all together yourself.  The pair of Caterhams come with flared front wings, a spare wheel carrier, Avon’s ZT7 tyres, chrome finishes on the grille, a windscreen, a filler cap, a black leather Moto-Lita steering wheel, a carpeted rear panel, a polished exhaust and some LED rear lights. There’s also eleven heritage paint finishes as well as four new colours - Bourbon, Ashdown Green, Windsor Blue and Fawn. For the wheels there’s also a choice of Gold, body or custom-coloured alloy centres with a diamond-cut lip. There is a pretty cool online configurator over at the Caterham website where you can create your own package. 

Prices for the start from £29,990 for the 600 and things increase from there and the end total will depend on all the things optioned for the build or the supplied kit.

Take a look at the YouTube video: Caterham Super Seven 600 & 2000 - An Icon Remastered | Caterham Cars

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