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A drag race is a drag race. The act of putting two of the same types of things together and seeing which one gets to a predetermined destination has been happening since the day the second car ever made parked next to the first one. We love showing off drag race content seen on YouTube and the like, there are some pretty interesting match-ups and as long as the cars paired up are in the same league then the resulting content will be re-shared and retold at social gatherings. In the hypercar world there are always dream match-ups that fanatics would like to know the outcomes of, but in this league it’s not that common seeing multi-million dollar cars line up to test their performance. Not only are owners of these cars busy running hundreds of companies and so short on time, some don’t want to see their expensive hypercar losing to another one. 

Brooks from DragTimes is, as the name suggests all about pitting cars up against each other to get factual results. He’s recently hooked up with the folk from the Triple F Collection, a collection that is filled with some of the finest automobiles ever created. In this match-up, we see the Bugatti Chrion and all of its 1 103 kW (1 500 hp) take on a slightly older McLaren Speedtail hybrid-powered car with 762 kW (1 036 hp) on tap, but with amazing aerodynamics and 363 kg less weight. In this race we see the latest in hybrid technology in the Speedtail with it’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 hybrid setup, while the Chiron is powered by what will possibly be one of the last petrol-powered engines of its kind, the massive 8.0-litre quad-turbocharged W16. On paper the specs even out with the power and weight, but how would that translate to the real world? This is one of those questions we mentioned and the answer follows.

Take a look at the YouTube video that answers the question of who would win between McLaren’s almost futuristic hybrid-powered Speedtail and Bugatti’s quad-turbocharged ICE Chiron: 8 MILLION DOLLAR RACE * Hyper Hybrid McLaren Speedtail vs Hyper ICE Bugatti Chiron DRAG & ROLL Race | DragTimes

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