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Ken Block’s Turbo Monster, that absolutely amazing Audi Quattro Sport replica, isn’t new news thanks to the car being unveiled pretty much a year ago. The thing is since then the car hasn’t been properly tested, and when there’s a monstrous 730 hp on tap doing some proper hard shakedown runs with as little mechanical sympathy and your right foot allows. We’ve seen Block driving at 10/10ths in all manner of cars over the years, his Gymkhana series being among the first motoring content to do the whole going viral thing, so we’d bet that any shakedown headed up by Block would reveal any shortcomings or weaknesses the Audi may present.

Almost a year down the line, Ken finally had the time to test Turbo Monster, putting it through its paces on the track and a skid pan at Willow Springs Raceway in Southern California. The crew was positive about the build holding up to Ken’s abuse because in that year of not being tested, the car was being fine-tuned and received a few changes. The hand-brake location was fine-tuned, a custom Borla exhaust was fitted and the car was made legal and registered with the custom licence plate CARCAIN(E). Yes, that means it's street legal and that’s why it needs proper reliability as in Ken’s words: “After all, the goal here is to have a reliable (and hoon-capable; because when’s the last time I didn’t Hoon Test anything I drive regularly?) daily driver.” The exhaust is not your average piece; “That new Polyphonic Exhaust Harmonizer sound on my 730+ hp Audi Sport Quattro replica “Turbo Monster” from Borla Exhaust - technology that creates a turbo 5-cylinder symphony to my ears.” says Block.

The fact that there’s a video to watch down below alludes to the likelihood that the donuts, the handbrake slides and figure 8s didn’t kill the car. Whether it did or not, it’s always worth your time to watch the OG Hoonigan in action.  


Take a look at the YouTube video showing how to dial in more than 700 horses in a street-legal daily driver, fair warning though, plenty tyres are slaughtered: Ken Block’s 730HP “TURBO MONSTER” - 1st REAL Test of the Insane Audi Sport Quattro Replica!|Ken Block

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