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Fans of fast two-wheeled machines are a different breed. It’s takes a helping of madness to do silly speeds in a car, but doing the same when you don’t have a hi-tech monocoque shell and all manner of airbags and safety equipment to keep you in one piece is borderline madness. The thing is, if you’ve ever managed to spend some time on two wheels, even with a small motor, you’ll know how that feeling of freedom is addictive and can even double as stress-relief. Hitting the highways and doing a few flat-out sections with the speedo climbing above the 200 km/h mark is actually good for you, it can sharpen the senses, improve concentration and even give you some decent cardio. We’re not condoning doing these highly illegal speeds of course, and those are our own thoughts that are 100% NOT fact-based, but it makes sense. Well as long as you keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down.

The BMW superbike is, in my mind, relatively new but with the way time flies these days that’s not quite true anymore, we first saw the BMW S 1000 RR way back in 2008 when it was created to compete in the 2009 World Superbike Championship. There were originally only 1000 models released for homologation purposes but the public interest was so high that by 2010 the bike went into full production. As is the norm with BMW, the bike has undergone a few changes since then, getting faster every time (I guess getting slower would be counterintuitive), and this latest model for 2022/203 is just brilliant. The BMW S 1000 RR now has a mighty 154 kW (210 hp) at a decent 13 750 rpm, while torque is now at 113 Nm at 11 000 rpm. It features a shorter secondary gear ratio for more traction, an advanced "Flex Frame" with more flex, improved chassis geometry, a new ABS Pro system with new Brake Slide Assist function, Dynamic Traction Control and optimised aerodynamics.

Other new features of the BMW S 1000 RR includes an M Chassis Kit as standard with an adjustable swinging arm pivot point and a raised rear end, a lightweight M, a USB charging port in the rear section that also sees a redesigned rear section and shorter number plate holder, an M GPS Mouse Adapter and a new GoPro holder to document riding antics. There’s also an easier rear wheel assembly thanks to loss-proof axle bushings and chamfered brake pads and brake anchor plate.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the all-new BMW S 1000 RR and explains exactly why it's set to be a worldwide top seller in the superbike sphere: The new BMW S 1000 RR — LIVE WORLD DEBUT! | BMW Motorrad

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