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The Opel Corsa nameplate has just reached 40 years old, and that makes it one of the most popular cars around. Kicking off production in 1982, the compact, affordable car is currently in it's 6th generation, and the most recent incarnations even feature hybrid-electric and PHEV models showing that the Corsa name is keeping up with the times. With the nameplate being so old, many of the older models are now quite sought-after and are used in all kinds of competition - race, park-off, show and more. This here SXdrv writer has owned a Corsa for 21 years now, it's a 2001 1.4i Opel Corsa sedan and it's my toy car. The car has changed a lot over the years and currently sports aftermarket race seats, a custom exhaust manifold and exhaust, a 270-degree cam, a cone filter intake, coilovers, A-Line wheels and a Sustech standalone management system. It's not fast, it's fun.

One thing I like to do with cars I have it to search the internet for the original press images from back when the car was new, and they're nigh on impossible to find. Luckily thanks to the 40 years of Opel Corsa, the manufacturer has re-released some of the original press images for all different Corsa generations from A through F.  Because we know that other people also have a love-hate relationship with old Opel Corsas, we decided to post all the press images so that owners can pull in and see how their specific generation was photographed and what images were used for marketing purposes. 

Enjoy! Post pics of your Corsa if you have one, we're always keen to see what they look like from all parts of the world. Be sure to scroll right to the end of this massive pictorial post to see AutoTrader UK's megatest that compares all generations of the Opel Corsa to each other. 

Take a look at the YouTube video that compares all generations of Opel Corsa against each other in a really cool megatest: Vauxhall Corsa E Review: New Vs Old MEGATEST | AutoTrader

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