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Here at SXdrv Porsche is a much-loved brand, there are currently four different models in the SXdrv garages, and if a certain 6 numbers work like they should and the Lotto win happens, there will be at least two more added to the mix. There are so many to choose from all with different driving dynamics, engines and drivetrains that every time Porsche releases a new model, that’s the one wanted. Last week we wanted a GT3, same as a few months before that. Now attention has shifted to the latest addition to the lineup, the all-new Porsche 911 Carrera T. While it’s usually hard to choose what spec you want within a nameplate, for the 911 Carrera T it’s quite easy thanks to the mew in white coats at the R&D facility making sure the car can be had with a manual transmission. This is a win - we need to save the manuals! This new Carrera will no doubt be heaps of fun to drive while manually cog-swapping with a 7-speed manual. For those not willing to row a shifter there’s also an 8-speed PDK transmission available.

Many think the T in the nameplate stands for Turbocharged, but it’s actually to denote the Carrera as a Tourer even though there is a pair of turbochargers doing duty on the 6-cylinder boxer motor. In this 911 Carrera T the power is rated at a healthy 283 kW of power with torque rated at 450 Nm and when you hoof it the Carrera T is capable of hitting the 100 km/h measured speed in as little as 4.5-seconds and is geared to run along to a decent top speed 291 km/h. Adding to the appeal, the 911 Carrera T also comes standard with the Sport Chrono package and the PASM sports suspension, this is different because the same package is an optional extra in other 911 models. It can be optioned with rear steering though. Visually the car is great, also standard are the 20- and 21-inch Titanium Grey Carrera S wheels, the GT sports steering wheel, a sports exhaust and the Sports Seats Plus package. The car can be had in four solid colours (Black, White, Guards Red and Racing Yellow) along with four metallic options (Deep Black, Gentian Blue, Ice Grey and GT Silver) while special colours are available including Chalk, Ruby Star Neo, Carmine Red, Shark Blue and Python Green. There’s also the Porsche Paint to Sample programme that offers up no less than 110 available colour tones.

In the cabin the rear seats have been deleted which helps drop the weight of the 911 T to just 1,470 kg when optioned in manual, 35k kg less than that of the PDK option, and this makes it the lightest 911 with an entry-level engine setup. There is also reduced insulation, lightweight glass and a lightweight battery that helped drop the overall weight. The 911 Carrera T also offers optional Adaptive Sports Seats Plus or the even sportier and exceptionally lightweight full bucket seats featuring Race Tex seat centres. The interior package offers an optional extended leather interior that see the armrests on the door panels and centre console and the upper parts of the dashboard and door panel trim covered in the finest leather.  Oh, and on that T in the model designation started way back in 1968 but stopped in 1973 and was only reintroduced in 2017 on the 991 911 Carrera T and has since been used on the 718 Cayman T, the 718 Boxster T and the Macan T.

The Porsche 911 Carrera T heads to showrooms in February 2023, but can already be ordered. The indicative pricing sees the car start retailing at € 123,845 including VAT (country-specific equipment dependant).

Take a look at the YouTube video showing off the latest addition to the long-lasting Carrera lineup - the all-new Carrera that's not only very nice to look at, it can be had in manual too: The new Porsche 911 Carrera T | Sportmade | Porsche

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