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​Lamborghini does many things very, very well as is evident by the throngs of expensive Lamborghinis that have been sold around the world. As with most high-end automakers you get the base version of the car and pages of expensive optional extras but there’s one very important thing that comes free - the soundtrack of their V12 powerplants. There are few cars that can cover you in goosebumps with a mere blip of the throttle. Its with this in mind that some creatives at Lamborghini decided to get clever and do some things with technology and music. The V8, V10 and V12 engines from the Italian automaker all have an amazing tone, so good that you don’t expect owners to ever use the sound system but for those who need music in their lives these clever people used computer sciencey things to assemble a list of songs that complement the various engine tones. 

With all the clever software at work, the tones from the cars at different rev ranges were used to identify music that matches perfectly. At the end of the project the team of sound engineers assembled a list of 72 harmonised tracks that have been added to the popular worldwide music streaming service Spotify under the official Lamborghini banner. The best part about this is that it’s not limited to Lamborghini owners, fans of the brand, or just music in general will have access to the list that the automaker hopes will become iconic.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows how some clever people have used technology to create music based on sciencey things and the soundt to select Lamborghini model: The Engine Songs | Lamborghini

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