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In the 90s when the sport of rally was still huge, just after the madness of Group B in the 80s, Volkswagen decided to try to build a car that could also compete. Sister company Audi was already dominating in rally and even though that was taking up most of the budget for these things, Volkswagen also wanted a shot at fame and glory. Having Audi’s tech available meant that something special could be created, and that’s where this one of one car, the A59 was created. The end result was a car based on the Mk3 platform but with wide arches, aero, an all-aluminium turbocharged 16-valve powerplant with a square 86mm x 86mm setup, and all-wheel drive setup and a computer-controlled 6-speed transmission. The resulting 205 kW and 370 Nm saw the A59 being the most powerful factory-built street-legal Golf right up until the Mk7 R Golf was released. Can you imagine where the Golf line would be today if this car actually saw competition and that technology made it into the showroom models?

Thanks to the chaps at FCP Euro and our nutty vegan mate Jamie Orr and classic Volkswagen aficionado, this uber-rare Volkswagen has been brought out of hiding for a tour around the States, and a proper showing at this year’s SEMA aftermarket show in Las Vegas. This 90s prototype was displayed along with some of the latest and greatest cars from the Volkswagen stable, but this is the one that seems to have attracted the most attention. While the pics look great, there’s more to this car than meets the eye and a basic overview like the above is enough to sorta of summarise things, but the details are what makes things very special. There’s some detailed information available on the FCP Euro blog, so if you feel like reading, click through to here. We love this car, it's one that any true Volkswagen fanatic knows about and achieved cult-like status, almost becoming a legendary rumour it's been locked away for so long. It's great to not only see the car being shown off around the States, but seeing it being driven is just mind-blowing. It's equal to someone riding a unicorn into a horse show. Now that it's being seen more, we can only hope some wealthy Volkswagen fanatic tries to replicate one.

Take a look at the YouTube video that takes a detailed look at the Mk3 prototype from the 90s, a car that if it made it into production would have sent Volkswagen's hot hatch evolution in a different direction to what we see today. This is the best and most detailed review of the iconic and rare car we've seen - check it out: Under The Skin Of Volkswagen's Golf A59 Prototype | FCP Euro

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