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We’re in the day and age of engine swaps, the crazier the better. We can thank all those crazy YouTube channels for their continued insane ideas in an attempt to garner likes and online income. In the case of this completely bonkers K24-Swapped Ferrari 308, Mike Burroughs didn’t create this project for internet clout, he’s one of the OG thoroughbred automotive fanatics that does things based on passion and crazy ideas. If his name sounds familiar it’s because you’ve might have seen his YouTube channel before, but if you have anything to do with cars you’re more likely to know the massive website that he’s run for more years than we care to mention - StanceWorks. While the site was already in existence years back, Mike and the site received worldwide attention because of his stanced out and completely rusted 5-Series BMW called Rusty Slammington. If you haven’t heard of Rusty, time to open a Google tab.

The best part about this whole K-swap build, well besides the car, is that Mike has documented the entire build of the show-stopping Ferrari via his StanceWorks YouTube channel. Every single facet of the build was covered, as well as the hiccups, problems and the solutions to those problems. He also gives proper to everyone who’s helped with different parts of the project along the way. As you can imagine, a build like this necessitated a plethora of fully custom parts to get a modern Honda motor to work in a classic Ferrari. Then there’s that custom wide-arch body, the amount of work is hard to imagine, but luckily there are videos detailing that process too. That K24 powerplant is a fully-forged setup that gets its boost from a sizeable Garrett G42-1200 turbo that should see the Japanese-powered Italian car hit the 1 000 hp mark. You can see some very cool detailed shots and information over on the StanceWorks feature on the car.

Take a look at the YouTube video showing the finally completed K24-swapped 308 that was an absolute hit at this year's SEMA 2022 show: Turbo K24-Swapped Ferrari -- It's DONE! -- Full Build Breakdown! | StanceWorks

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