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When you’re a thoroughbred automotive fanatic, chances are pretty high that you’re clued up on the history of the car brand that interests you. I’m one of those people, and in my circle of friends it’s pretty much the same. Even though we’re in the know, when a proper biopic movie that’s related in some way, it immediately moves to the top of our watch list. As far as these kinds of movies go, the sort 2019 release of Ford vs Ferrari was absolutely epic. Seeing how the companies were created, how they evolved and how they competed against each other was simply epic. The only thing it left motoring fanatics wanting was the same kind of movie for other iconic car companies, and this latest biopic is the perfect example. While both Ford and Ferrari have a massive worldwide fan base, so does the other Italian automaker, Lamborghini. Fans of this brand now have their very own biopic movie to watch on repeat, it’s simply titled: Lamborghini. The Man Behind the Legend. While it’s centred on the Italian automaker’s roots, it’s an American biographical film written and directed by Robert Moresco. The main character is also American, but we don’t see an issue with action star Frank Grillo playing the Italian entrepreneur, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

The movie shows the reasons behind the creation of the Lamborghini brand, and the struggles that Ferruccio faced to get things off the ground. Back then it was all about proving yourself and getting people to believe in your ideas. As with the Ford and Ferrari movie, a lot of the drive needed to get the ball rolling for the Italian automaker stemmed from rejection and being told that the ideas that Ferruccio had wouldn't work. It’s like a battle of egos and the one with the most verve is the one that ultimately achieves success. Of course there is a lot more to this and while we’ve taken a look at some pre-release reviews, we don’t really want to say anything else except that if you’re a fan of cars in general, this movie is a must-see. Detailing the humble beginnings, the rejection, the ideas and the acceptance right through to success, it promises to be a movie you’ll see more than once.   

Take a look at the movie preview on YouTube that gives a taste of the biopic movie with a few interesting scenes that really do leave you wanting more. Luckily the movies gets released on the 18th November 2022 so there's not too much more waiting until we get to see the full story: LAMBORGHINI Trailer (2022) | One Media

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