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When we first talked about the absolutely amazing Rimac Nevera we were rather impressed by the power output and the performance figures. The electric hypercar was claimed to have a monstrous 1 9 14 hp on tap and this equated to the ability to hit 60 mph in less than two seconds, testing showed it possible to hit the benchmark speed in just 1.85-seconds, and the 100 mph mark (160 km/h) was measured in a mere 4.3-seconds. As is the norm with performance obsessed people, it was the top end speed that had us interested as the claims were that the Nevera had a top speed in excess of 400 km/h. While the car car has the power, the aero and all the right tech to make this possible, this community of automotive fanatics like to see real world proof. I mean in the perfect conditions I think my 18-year-old GTi could hit 280 km/h, but even friends would want me to put my money where my mouth is and prove it. So in the first week of November, the Rimac team set out to prove its claims by taking the Nevera to Germany’s Automotive Testing Papenburg track and unleashing nearly two thousand plug-in horses. 

The quad electric motors see the Rimac Nevera easily transform from a comfy grand tourer into the world’s fastest production EV, such is the tech, spec and aero of the very nice to look at hypercar. With cars in this league, the top speed that all automakers are aiming for is that magical 400 km/h mark, no matter if there’s an EV, hybrid or ICE setup. Very few can reach that target. In the ICE world, the Bugattis fitted with the quad turbocharged W16 are capable of a more than 400 km/h top speed, and some EVs come close but the Nevera is now the top dog and has just become the benchmark for all future production EVs. The car already has the title of the world’s fastest accelerating production EV after clocking a verified 8.582-second quarter mile in 2021, and now with this latest test it’s cemented itself as the overall fastest too. With the car in Top Speed mode and with Miro Zrnčević, Rimac’s Chief Test and Development Driver at the wheel the Nevera clocked an amazing 412 km/h top speed. Another amazing fact is that the run was done on road legal Michelin Cup 2R tyres. It makes sense why they cost so much. 

“To travel at 412kph, or 258mph, means travelling at a third of the speed of sound. Simply achieving that alone in a road car is incredibly complex, but in Nevera we have created a car that can travel long distances on a single charge, can tackle tight and twisting race tracks and can drift as well as break straight-line speed records, both for acceleration and V-MAX. I’ve driven Nevera since it first turned a wheel and to see the perfectly honed car that is today is a really emotional moment. The most important thing I have learned during the top-speed attempt is how composed and stable the car was – confirming that our aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics teams have done an amazing job.” says Miro Zrnčević.

Take a look at the YouTube videos showing the amazing top speed session at Germany’s Automotive Testing Papenburg track where the Rimac team with test driver (pilot) Miro Zrnčević at the wheel: Rimac Nevera sets the EV Top Speed World Record | RimacAutomobil

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